Who of you has "music" as a hobby?

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    Apr 22, 2014
    Iversen, here's another improved instrument, a fully human powered vibraphone. Vibes traditionally have an electric motor spinning little flaps (butterfly valves) inside each of the resonator tubes. This one dispenses with the flaps altogether and instead uses a shutter system controlled by a foot pedal to produce its tremolo:

    At around $8,000 I'm very tempted.
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    I joined a choir about 4 months ago. For several years have looked around to find a choir to sing, but out of several reasons some choirs were not suitable for me. There was one gospel choir where during their concerts they had to sing all their songs by heart. This would be impossble with my weak memory. The choir of a near-by music school pop music in German, English and French. But their contribution is 32 EUR per month, so that is 384 EUR per year. So that was far too expensive for me! Now I sing in a church choir, which has the advantage that the choir is payed by the taxes of the church members. For example unemployed and retired people don't pay church taxes. We sing songs in German and Latin and we don't have so many concerts per year.

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