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    Here is a list of free resources for those learning (or thinking about learning) Icelandic. Feel free to contribute!

    For everyone:

    Free dictionary and word inflector.

    For beginners:

    Icelandic Online Course : This free course is offered by the University of Iceland. It is almost entirely in Icelandic and it contains lots of audio material with transcripts. Great as a complementary resource.

    Viltu læra íslensku? This is a great TV series with Icelandic subtitles. It features several famous Icelandic actors and is specifically made for people learning Icelandic.

    Íslenska fyrir alla : This course is entirely in Icelandic and contains audio files and exercises.

    For intermediate and advanced learners:

    Icelandic Cinema Online: This great website contains a few free short movies. My favorite ones are “The Last Farm” (“Síðasti bærinn” - you can find it on Youtube too) and “Bad Apples” (“Kennitölur”). Try to cover the English subtitles while watching so that you don’t get distracted by them!

    Smásaga úr Reykjavíkurlífinu: A fun and accessible short story set in early 20th century Iceland.

    A few interesting essays on Icelandic society, immigration and language (written by immigrants) : Að tala íslensku, að vera íslenskur: mál og sjálfsmynd frá sjónarhóli útlendings; Íslenskur, en ekki Íslendingur…?; Rými fyrir ófullkomna íslensku?

    Mjallhvít: Snow White in Icelandic.

    Leiðarvísir í ástamálum: An outdated guide to winning someone’s heart for young men and women. offers several free ebooks.

    RÚV has a vast collection of podcasts. My favorite one is “Leynifélagið”, a radio show for kids that is very funny and easy to understand. I also liked “Dear Nordic Friends”, “Á sporbraut” and “Andlit sjúkdóms”.

    You can find all kinds of interesting articles on

    If you want to read the news, have a look at or

    Vísindavefurinn is a great website to learn about history, science, politics, etc. They also have aYoutube channel.

    You can find many Svínasúpan, Tvíhöfði and Steindinn Okkar clips on Youtube. Icelandic humour is great!

    Astérix in Icelandic.

    Here is a collection of short bilingual texts about Iceland.

    Dæmisögur Esóps: Here is a complete audio book and a few transcriptions of Aesop’s fables. contains loads of interesting theses and dissertations. I really enjoyed reading about the history of interpretation in Iceland and about the role of English in Iceland.
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    Micheal Thomas inspired Icelandic Course

    I studied up on the vocab for this course, tried the first lesson but I think I just don't like the method. I've never used Micheal Thomas before though. There's too much english and I'm craving some dialouges.
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    nice thread! made it sticky.
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