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    It is always useful to have some mobile app, when you are waiting for your bus or anything like that ^^
    Here my mobile apps (about language learning).

    Dictionary GoldenDict Free : (Android, Computer version)
    When you are in a foreign country, it is convenient to have a good dictionary that does not need the Internet.
    This dictionary is like an empty shell, it is just a program to read dictionary’s files (with the free version, you can have 5 files). So you need to find this files. There is some help here.
    I think it is easy to find files for dictionary “English – Other language”.
    Dictionary Fr-Ru (here) and Ru-Fr (here).
    To install it on your mobile you need to have a card SD, but you do not need to install the file on this card (I don’t know why ^^).

    Yazh free : (Android)
    For those who struggle like me to learn and remember the different cases in Russian. In the free version you have “Nouns” and “Adjectives”, if you want “Pronouns” you have to pay 1$50. Personnaly, I only use the free version.

    Russian test : (Android)
    Grammar tests divided in three categories (Elementary, intermediate, advanced). There are also flashcard, “tchat”, and a "learning feed" section where you can comment the question or ask for help. But personnaly, I only use the grammar test.

    Anki : (Android)
    Everybody already know it. I like it because of the synchronization by ankiweb and the easy way to add sound.

    And you, what your mobile apps ?
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