Transcripts for the Thai TV drama สูตรเสน่หา (Sood Sanae Ha/Love recipe)

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    In keeping with the tradition of this site to provide transcripts for various TV shows and dramas, we are happy to announce the Thai Drama สูตรเสน่หา (Sood Sanae Ha/Love recipe). This is consistently one of the highest rated Thai Dramas, and one of my personal favorites. There are 16 episodes of about 90 min each, for a total of 24 hrs of listening/watching.

    Transcripts are very helpful for improving our language learning skills. Practicing listening and reading make us better at them, but watching the same show that you have a transcript for increases the effectiveness. When reading these, I like to use tools such as Thai Notes bulk lookup function, which provides a mouse-over dictionary for quick definitions of words I don't know.

    I hope my fellow Thai learners will be able to put these to good use!

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